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Send and receive faxes by email Fax multiple documents, different types all at once
Local number FREE, or Toll Free for a buck. Cover page customization
Compatible with all smartphones by email Create folders for your faxes online
Free customer support Free Trial, Money Back Guarantee
No software or hardware to purchase Easy to use online portal
Delivery confirmation Contact book on the web
Fax to multiple people at once GO Green by not printing and save a tree
Manage your faxes online. We save incoming for 1 year, in case you need it. Share with as many email addresses as you
wish...NO LIMIT


There is simply no other company that has better pricing than we do. In fact, if there is one, please let us know and we'll provide you with even better pricing than them.


There is simply no other company that we know of that has better pricing than us. If there is, please let us know and we'll beat it by 10%
Online Fax Free 15 day trial image With Fax87 all you need is an internet connection in order to send and receive faxes. Our online fax service is easy to use, affordable and gives you great flexibility. No longer experience paper jams, system errors, or busy signals. Fax87 online fax will enable you to fax by email, from your online control panel, or via your smartphone. Send multiple pages and to multiple recipients with ease. Fax87 is one of the easiest fax system you can use.... Take a quick tour of Fax87 to see many of the features and how simple it is to send, receive and organize your faxes.
I'm simply at awe at the value that I have received from Fax87. Truely an unbelievable online fax service.
- Sara K.
Not only can I fax from any computer, but I can fax from my email and smart phone. Very Powerful
- Matthew Miller
Fax87.com is by far the best online fax system I have ever used. Plus, can you say "Affordable"!
- Markus Jefferson.
I got tired of paying $15 per month and switched to Fax87 for only $3.99 per month. Haven't looked back since.
- Alex Gardener
I would recommend this fax as a must purchase for anyone looking to easily switch to an affordable fax service. Prompt service as well.
- Mary Civoralli
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